A Word on Marijuana Seeds

Hopefully you already have marijuana seeds, but because much of today’s crop is typically grown without seeds, you may have to buy seeds online.  Google “marijuana seeds” and you’ll find many links to sites selling seeds for medical marijuana. Tip: Marijuana seeds come in two types:  Indica and Sativa.  Sativa highs tend to be more energetic and cerebral while Indica highs are better suited towards relaxation. Physically, Indicas are often smaller, which is better if you’re growing in a confined space. 

In addition to these standard categories, plants are easily crossed by fertilizing the flower of one plant with the pollen from another to create seeds with offspring that have traits from both plants.  This creates some interesting and powerful combinations that combine both types in finished product–I recommend you buy the seeds that sound right for your needs and budget.  Although you can cross seeds and even generate seeds on your own, you probably won’t want to grow anything but females and you’ll never get around to it.  (More on that later.)

There are many legitimate online marijuana seed companies.  If you’re concerned about privacy, use money orders or cash–but be prepared to wait longer.  I have friends who have purchased different varieties from different vendors around the world using credit cards and have never had a problem. Play it as safe as you feel you need to.

Once you receive them, it’s time to germinate.  There are lots of ways to do this but I have always kept it simple:  Put the seeds on a moist paper towel and folded it, and put on a plate.  No fertilizer, no chemicals–just filtered water.  Make sure it always stays moist.  If you don’t have a water filter, just leave a small bowl of water out overnight and use that, as most of the chlorine will have evaporated by morning.  Check them daily and once you see the seeds begin to sprout, its time to plant.  You’ll separate the seeds with a scissors by cutting a patch of paper towel with a sprouted seed and planting the paper towel.  Do not try to remove the seed from the paper towel as you will probably break the fragile rootling.

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