How to Grow Marijuana Indoors for Medical Reasons

There is a boatload of information already out there on how to grow marijuana (for legally prescribed medical use, of course.) Thanks to all of those who have contributed over the years. This site is for the rest of us, the impatient folks like me who don’t want to sift through volumes of information just to get their first marijuana garden up and growing. We’re not aspiring to be factory farms and we’re not scientists.  We’re just regular folks who are tired of paying top dollar for our medical marijuana.  For a modest investment in essential equipment and supplies, you can replicate what I have done and harvest several ounces of your own natural, organic marijuana every few months all year long. And I can assure you that the satisfaction you will get from growing it yourself is extreme.  If you can follow a few simple directions and you a small amount of free space in a closet or even in a corner, you can get a basic but really decent system going without much cost.  I’m going to show you how. 

Tip:  Growing medical marijuana in the US is illegal in most states. It is up to you to know the laws in your area. If you happen to live in an area where growing is legal, I encourage you to continue reading. (For everyone else, Google “marijuana reform” and find a group near you to support.)

Think of this site as just the nuts and bolts on how to get through your first marijuana grow in an inexpensive and non complex way.  If you want all the gory details, its out there–just search for it.  But if you want to get up and running in as early as 3 or 4 days and have excellent yield and quality which you will be extremely happy with, this site was made for you.

Even though we may be allowed to grow our own medical marijuana, I suggest you keep it to yourself and keep it well out of sight.  Tip: Loose lips sink ships. I can impart one thing to you whether you continue down this road or not, it is don’t tell a soul!

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