Soapbox: Why Should Growing Medical Marijuana be legal?

Until the formal “prohibition” of marijuana is lifted, prices will remain ridiculously high and our actions must generally remain covert. Even if growing marijuana is legal, I encourage you to keep it quiet.  You never know when the law will change back.Consider my reasons for doing this:

  1. As an illegal crop, and in spite of the fact that smoking marijuana is widely accepted in most parts of the country and in many parts of the world, our prisons are filled with convicts who prefer smoking pot to drinking booze.  An arrest for marijuana possession can cost upwards of $10,000 in legal fees and even more in lost wages due to prison and court time.
  2. Some of my closest friends are among the brightest and most productive members of society.  For one reason or another they hate the taste and/or effects of alcohol, but they enjoy smoking pot once in awhile.  It’s ridiculous to me that in the 21st century, our “free” country brands them as criminals.
  3. Everyone knows that you can’t overdose from marijuana.  Compare that with alcohol where alcohol poisonings are commonplace.  It seems to me that people ought to be able to choose their poison and not have the government choose for us.
  4. There many genuine legitimate medical reasons to legalize marijuna. Some people really benefit from it. Pharmaceuticals do more harm than good in many instances–medical marijuana has never harmed anyone I know.
  5. I do not believe the government should decide who should get it and who should not when it comes to which medicines we can choose from–but for now, I’m okay with leaving it to our doctors to decide this issue.
  6. I do not believe the government should interfere with ANY victimless acts I do in the privacy of my own home.  This includes anything ‘victimless’ where two consenting adults choose to do including growing of pot plants for their own consumption.
  7. Why continue your support the violent crime in the US and other countries?  Your purchase on the street feeds that. Legalizing medical marijuana will take the incentive (profit motive) out of it for criminals.

This site will help you to quickly navigate the medical marijuana home growing revolution.  I hope you enjoy it.  Growing marijuana indoors has become a labor of love for many and I hope this guide saves you time and prevents you from making common mistakes people make.


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